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Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II TouchScreen Really Unscratchable?

There has been some rumors online that the Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II’s screen is unscratchable because it has the Gorilla glass installed into its LCD touch screen cover. But the quick answer to this question, is NO. The Gorilla glass is scratchable at some point, however it can resist common scratch sources such as coins, pens, and [...]

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Kindle Service and Repair Center in the United States

Is your kindle broken?  If it is, then brace yourself for some headache and frustrations. It is important to stay calm and focus on what to do first first when faced with such challenge. Kindle Warranty The first thing you need to check is the warranty of your Kindle. Normally, a brand new kindle will [...]

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How to Remove Salt Mixed With Oil Inside Your Engine

It was horror when I discovered salt inside my Honda XR 200 motorcycle! Apparently some stupid sabotage guy mixed salt into my engine’s oil tank for no reason. I did not know who that guy was but what can I do? People can just be envious and do horrible stuffs such as mixing salt into [...]

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