Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II TouchScreen Really Unscratchable?

There has been some rumors online that the Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II’s screen is unscratchable because it has the Gorilla glass installed into its LCD touch screen cover. But the quick answer to this question, is NO. The Gorilla glass is scratchable at some point, however it can resist common scratch sources such as coins, pens, and other rough surfaces. Here’s a picture of a Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II screen after  7 months of regular use.

The good thing though is, you can actually buy a replaceable part for your Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II LCD touch screen, which can be easily installed (For experts only and not for the faint-heated). If you want to visually see how to open the Samsung i9100 Galaxy S2, we have a service manual available fore you.

You can always have it serviced anytime at around $100-150 dollars parts and service fee total expenses. Good luck!

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